Virtual Visits

Welcome to the world of Virtual Visits!

A new era begins at A to Z!!!

Virtual Visits are a great way for your kids to obtain care for common issues that do not require a trip to the office, now from the Pediatricians and PNPs that you know and trust.

Virtual Visits are great for:

Rashes, pink eye, allergies, vomiting & diarrhea, behavioral health visits, medication follow up visits, visits primarily for advice or consultation (including determining if an injury needs sutures/X-ray, etc., COVID-19 questions) and more.

Office visits are still recommended for:

Well Checks, sports physcials, immunizations (obviously…), sore throats, flu symptoms, anything else that needs a lab test or physical exam.

Easy, secure, what’s not to like?

Visits utilize the service that sends an invitation via text message to any smart phone. The communications are encrypted, HIPAA compliant and recognized by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services as meeting privacy and security standards for non-face-to-face encounters.

Virtual visits are covered by most private health insurance plans and all Medicaid plans. We will submit a claim for them as we do all regular office visits. Co-pays may apply, but depend upon the guidelines of each individual plan (but often less costly than traditional office visits). Please check with your health plan if you have any questions about coverage.

So…how does it work?

  • Contact our office for an appointment
  • If your child’s needs are a good fit for a Virtual visit, we will set up an appointment time for you.
  • Next, we will verify your mobile phone number and then text you an invitation.
  • When it is time for your appointment, click the link we sent and you will enter our virtual waiting room. That’s it!